Bright orange blades of wulfenite on a chunk of botryoidal fluorite, self-collected by the Aether crew from the Red Cloud Mine in January of 2024. When we found the pocket where this specimen was housed, it took a good deal of careful effort to get it out, and there were only a couple of larger crystals in there. All of the blades just pop out of the contrasting fluorite underneath. What makes this already attractive specimen even more appealing is the glow of the fluorite under both long and shortwave UV light, showing a deep blue and adding a whole new level of contrast. Though the combination of wulfenite on fluorite is relatively common from Red Cloud, they seem difficult to find on the open market, I'd assume due to the difficulty of keeping the pieces together after extraction. 



Red Cloud Mine, Silver District, Trigo Mountains, La Paz County, Arizona, USA



5.5 x 4 x 3 cm