About Us

We're a father-son duo based out of Northern Arizona, passionate about elevating the world of fine natural minerals and sharing their beauty. We bring expertise and knowledge about the field to be able to provide you with everything from historic specimens, to pieces from new discoveries, to top shelf classics that will add allure to any cabinet. 

It's also a mission of ours to help make specimen collecting more accessible to newcomers, those who are just beginning to discover their passion for the world of fine minerals. Though we strive to provide some of the top pieces on the market, we want to be able to offer specimens to those aren't yet able to afford them, and help them to keep cultivating that passion and love for nature's beauty. We source many of our pieces either directly from the miners or those who deal with them personally, and thus we are often able to provide premium material for excellent prices. 

We set ourselves apart from the competition by prioritizing integrity, crystal-clear communication, and the willingness to travel to where the minerals are calling. Whether above ground or underground, safe or dangerous, we put ourselves in the position to offer you the best of the best. 

About Connor:

My love for minerals began early on, growing up around all kinds of minerals, from agates to tourmalines. This interest in the mineral world was really kickstarted by going on rockhounding trips into the desert for chalcedony, as well as sneaking into abandoned mine shafts to mine for cinnabar (not a venture that I'd recommend pursuing). My introduction to the industry proper came by working for another mineral vendor, including large domestic gem and mineral shows. Being at these shows and seeing the insane variety of what nature can create is what got me completely pulled into this world, and I've been obsessed ever since. Natural minerals, and the chemistry, geology, and history behind them have become my number one passion, and I'm always eager to spread that passion with others. 

My personal interest mainly lies in lead minerals, primarily wulfenite. Ever since I first saw a quality specimen from the Red Cloud Mine, it caught my eye and my heart, and it also helps that it's the state mineral of my home state, Arizona. Aside from those, I have a deep interest in copper minerals and carbonates.

Outside of minerals, my interests include learning languages, playing the bass, and adventuring to areas uncharted! I'm always scouring until the opportunity where I can find a claim where a yet undiscovered mineral species lies in wait.