• How do you photograph your specimens?

For all photography, we use a Canon PowerShot SX60 HS. On some occasions, particularly when recording videos of specimens, we'll use a Samsung S23. Using a white background for photographing can throw off the color balance so some settings adjustments may be needed, though we do our absolute best to make sure the resulting images line up with the specimen's real appearance. It is for this reason that we attach unedited videos in all of the listings to give you a 360° look.

  • How do you determine size categories?

One of our main considerations when it comes to categorizing size is going by competition rules, so that micromounts will fit into micromount perky's, thumbnails into thumbnail perky's, etc. Beyond that, it's almost all subjective, though we generally try to stick with categories that would be considered somewhat "standard" when it comes to specimen collecting. The categories go as follow:

Thumbnail - <3 cm

Miniature - 3 - 6 cm

Small cabinet - 5.5 - 9.5 cm

Cabinet - 9.5 - 15 cm

Large cabinet 15 - 25 cm

Museum >25 cm

  • How are your measurements done?

The first dimension appearing in the measurements is always the largest, done by measuring the longest point on the specimen. The following two are taken (as close as possible to) 90° from each other and from the first dimension. We aim to photograph each piece so that one can accurately gauge which dimension is which.

  • How do I know that what I'm getting is the real thing?

It's completely natural that you want to make sure you're paying real money for exactly what is being offered. The rough mineral business is heavily reliant on trust and word of mouth, so for newcomers it can be a bit daunting. We use our expertise in the industry to assure you that you're getting the exact mineral species that you buy, and we also source from reputable dealers. As a general rule of thumb, we stray away from buying any synthetic or treated minerals, as our passion comes from showcasing beautiful pieces exactly as nature made them.

  • Do you offer discounts?

We run sales on specimens often, so keep an eye on the page to see if something you're looking for is discounted! 

  • What is your return policy?

We want that you're 100% satisfied with your purchase. Buying specimens online can be tricky, and though we do our best to faithfully capture them in photos, it's never the same as seeing it in person first. We allow returns within ten (10) days of receiving the package, so long as the piece is in the same condition as you received it. In the case of a return, the buyer will be responsible for the shipping costs.