Fiery orange wulfies on matrix from the Ahmad Abad Mine in central Iran, a locality that has quickly become a legendary one for the species. Originally beginning production around 200 years ago, it was rediscovered for specimen mining in the last couple decades before the tunnels were collapsed a few years ago, making the mine nearly inaccessible and likely destroying the vast majority of the remaining specimens. The intense orange hues represent the very best color of these finds, as most you'll see from here are beige to pale orange - only a couple of pockets produced specimens like this. What's really interesting is the different habits visible. Some are more thin and platy, characteristic for this locale, some are a little thicker with beveled edges reminiscent of Arizona wulfenites, and in a couple cases you have multiple crystals intergrown to produce one larger piece. Displays beautifully from multiple angles.


Locality: Ahmad Abad Mine, Bafq County, Yazd Province, Iran



8.6 x 5.7 x 4.2 cm