Sculptural cluster of “fanned” epidote crystals, with super strong luster and a deep dark color. These pieces exhibit unique growth for the species, with each of the sprays diverging out to a number of points. The vitreous luster on the crystals is so great that it reflects light almost like a mirror. You've likely seen epidote from the Kharan District before, though when you see these you know there's something a little different about them. I purchased these from a direct source shortly after they first became available, and the last time I saw the dealer they said the mine was exhausted and no more specimens were coming out (I was never able to get the exact name of the locality). I'll leave it to you to believe if it's true or not, but I've seen only one or two similar pieces when trying to do reference research. Of all the pieces I viewed from the lot, this one stood out by both size and aesthetics. Do check out the video below if you want to get a real idea of the quality, the photos don't come close to doing it justice.



Kharan District, Balochistan Region, Pakistan



10 x 10 x 7 cm