This large specimen comes out of one of the world's most renowned dioptase producing locales, the Mindouli Region, from the now closed N'tola Mine. There are at least five distinct minerals on this one piece: dioptase, mimetite, duftite, calcite, and dolomite. There may also be some wulfenite crystals in the assemblage, though I never got the piece analyzed. The mimetite is crystallized in hexagonal bipyramids and dotted along both sides; mimetite and dioptase rarely grow alongside one another. One side shows a large group of small dioptase and mimetite crystals interspersed above patches of botryoidal duftite, complete with a unique bridged arch of dioptase. On the other side, larger dioptase crystals contrast gorgeously against a backdrop of light dolomite. The dioptase ranges in color from the typical emerald green to a bright turquoise color. Throughout the piece one can see cavities in the rock with crystals growing inside and the whole specimen is like its own world. One can easily get lost for hours looking at this specimen through a loupe!



N'tola Mine, Mindouli District, Pool Department, Republic of the Congo



15.6 x 8 x 7.7 cm