From the type locality for dioptase, an eye-catching cluster perched exquisitely on a quartz matrix. The largest crystal is FAT, gemmy, and pristine, measuring to almost an inch. This size of crystal is large for the species in general, and stands out even more from Altyn-Tyube. Under strong light, the main crystal shows flashes of emerald fire from the inside, and strong luster on the outside. Most of the smaller crystals are also pristine, some doubly terminated, only a couple with minimal points of contact and one with a missing termination on the bottom. Any blemishes are indistinguishable when viewing it on display, and this is a gorgeous arrangement all around. Though it looks nice already, with careful trimming it could be an even better miniature or thumbnail.



Altyn-Tyube, Karaganda Region, Kazakhstan



4.5 x 4.4 x 4.1 cm