When celestine specimens from this location hit the market a year ago, they instantly became known as some of the finest ever found. Few localities worldwide can boast the same alluring blue that these ones have, derived from the high cobalt content within. The crystal here is thick and measures 3.2cm in length, sitting beautifully on a sculptural background of beige to yellow-orange calcite. A large majority of pieces you'll find on the market from here have smaller crystals, paler color, and/or significant damage. The only flaw I can see on the main crystal is one contact point where it was grown together with another, and even this doesn't detract from it in my eyes. Balanced, attractive, and one of the finest examples you'll see of material that is getting harder and harder to find on the market.



Darai Laman, Qala e Naw District, Badghis, Afghanistan



7.2 x 5.9 x 4.5 cm