Presenting this mesmerizing, one-of-a-kind, etched bi-color beryl from Brazil. When viewed from most angles, it presents simply as a beautiful heliodor, yet when light is shone down the C-axis, one can clearly see a distinguished zone of beautiful blue-green aquamarine. Both are varieties of beryl, aquamarine getting its color from the presence of ferrous iron (Fe²⁺) and heliodor from inclusions of ferric iron (Fe³⁺). On very rare occasions such as this you'll get both of them growing together, giving the assemblage known as ‘aquador’. The top and sides are complete, the textures from the etching are fascinating and the top has been transformed from a flat surface into dozens of hexagonal pyramids. There's some contacting on the bottom, though it doesn't look abrasive and it can be hard to distinguish what's contacted and what's etched. The piece weighs 566 carats and if it were to be cut right, the value of the resulting gemstone(s) could be extraordinary. This is, without a doubt, a marvelous and unique specimen!



Padre Paraíso, Minas Gerais, Brazil