Sculptural, three-dimensional arrangement of finger-like amethyst stalactites rising up together with a twinned calcite crystal measuring 4 cm at the top of the tallest. Every angle displays phenomenally, and the calcite is like a star that sticks out with just the right amount of contrast! Uruguayan amethyst is famous for its deep and rich purple color, and this piece shows off these hues well. Workings in the Artigas Department were done by experienced mineralogists who took great care in extracting these specimens without damaging them, and this is on full display here; all of the sides are free of damage, contacts, or any blemishes whatsoever. Using my imagination I see a family of amethyst figurines, speaking to the character that this specimen possesses.



Catalán Grande Quarry, Catalán Grande, Artigas Department, Uruguay



13.6 x 13.4 x 9.3 cm